Online petitions are about as useful as nipples on a man. They have about as much a chance of succeeding as the Cleveland Browns do of winning the Super Bowl. If they do succeed in their efforts, like this one, it’s probably more to do with factors other than a bunch of people signing their names to a website.

So maybe I’m a little skeptical that anything will come of a petition on that’s asking Epic Games to keep Paragon alive after the developer announced its imminent shuttering last week. It’s got over 20,000 signatures right now, as of this writing, with the creator, Jude Dobbin, begging Epic to “keep the servers for paragon open even if they leave the game as it is right now.”

On the surface, it makes some sense. Lots of games go into “maintenance mode” late in their life cycles, especially if the company has a more successful game that can foot the (minimal) bill of keeping the servers running. Paragon would certainly fit that description, with how well Fortnite: Battle Royale is doing.

Then again, while Jude Dobbin and some other folks might be willing to stick with a “dead” game, a lot of people probably won’t. I don’t know how long the match queues are for Paragon right now, but they’re only going to get worse as people take their refunds and leave the game forever. Those who do stick around are likely to find things a little tedious after the game goes for a while without any updates. Hero X is overpowered? Hero Y is underpowered? There’s a map exploit? You’ll just have to deal with it … forever.


  1. The developer should really consider selling Paragon if he/she doesn’t want it anymore. I see alot of potential in this game even though I’m not a player.

  2. How bout instead of wasting time with a petition, play the damn game? If it actually had a consistent and active playerbase more people would play it regardless of it not being that great.

  3. Whether you like Paragon or not… you have to admit it is a very, very unfinished game. Pacing, RPG mechanics and stats, the map, and even the core of the combat have changed substantially over the development.

    Some prefered the old Paragon, some the new Paragon. But both had substaintial flaws. Flaws that no team of modders, no matter how dedicated, can fix. At least not in a reasonable timeframe.

    I’d love if Epic opened the gates of Paragon, like they have with Unreal Tournament. Maybe bring back the days of Defense of the Ancients, a game built for the community, by the community. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  4. Its a nice touch & a last ditch effort, but having signatures do not make game players
    A game player is a person who is consistent at all times, signing up does not guarantee a player base more than likely it just shows support to those few players left.

  5. Online petitions are useless. There is no guaranty that its is not a bot or a few people with tone of ip’s who singed it up. In this case i’m sure that 90% of those who singed it up won’t even play the game and they have done it only to do “good”. I feel sad when not bad games have to go down, but i wont do anything if this is not the game i currently play. IMO this is the right mentality, because this will help devs to see the real community desire for the game more clearly and make a choice if there is sense to keep it alive. If game fails to sustain itself then it has to go.


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