It was hinted at in a recent dev blog from Epic Games. We talked about it on the F2P Cast. And now, it’s official: Paragon will shut down on April 26.

Epic Games posted a letter today announcing the news, saying that “there isn’t a clear path for us to grow Paragon into a MOBA that retains enough players to be sustainable” and that “We didn’t execute well enough to deliver on the promise of Paragon.” That’s pretty honest stuff, and it almost hurts to read it.

Even more surprisingly honest is the deal Epic is offering: a full refund to every player for every purchase made in the game, on any platform. It’s an outstanding gesture, and one that’s no doubt made possible by Fortnite Battle Royale‘s breakout success. When your “other” game brings in $89 million in a month, you can afford to be generous to fans, to try and keep their goodwill. You can find details on how to take advantage of this offer on the announcement page.

It was already edging shut, but I think that this effectively closes the door on the MOBA boom. Paragon couldn’t make it, and neither could Master X Master or — if you can remember this far back — other titles with big names behind them, like Infinite Crisis or Dawngate. Meanwhile, Blizzard seems to be perpetually struggling to gain traction with Heroes of the Storm. If big companies and big names can’t break through the three-way death grip that League of Legends, Dota 2, and Smite have on the genre, it’s likely that nobody can.


  1. I bet that Paragon failed because it was a bitch to run. I couldn’t run it with a GTX 970. MOBAs have cartoonish looks for people that have low grade PCs, so everybody can play.

  2. Epic should really consider about selling Paragon to someone else or change their mind because Paragon was a great game, fun, good graphics and with a good player base. I don’t really understand the reason to shut it down it just to focus on a game like Fortinite, that honestly is (to me) a worst game. I understand it may attract kids because it is a bang-bang-boom-boom game and looks like a smartphone game but they could just add some more maps to paragon and fix those little bugs here and there and keep it alive. Can’t believe they have not the reources to accomplish that. That’s really sad, i loved Paragon…

  3. This is why Companies shouldn’t make too many games in such short time. None of these Companies have been able to maintain their current games when the developers and publishers go rush off to work on new projects. I’m sure they could of found ways to make Paragon popular again and make the game last for maybe a couple more years if not 5-10 years tops.

  4. I don’t think a lot of people realize that they specifically said they would be slowing down updates to this game because they were pulling the devs to work on their copycat of a BR game Fortnite BR. The reason for them doing this isn’t because of the lack of players of Paragon or lack of support they were getting they are doing this because they value the quick money they are making from Fortnite BR over their other original content and communities who enjoyed them.

  5. I feel a great FPS can put in a moba style mode and it would do good, not as the games focus but as a mod, much like deathmatch, Currier mode, king of the hill etc.

    • It’s been tried a couple of times without any success. The game either stops being a shooter (which makes it unappealing to its core audience) or it fails to become a MOBA but still doesn’t attract shooter fans (because a word “MOBA” in game description deters most non-MOBA players).

  6. This really pisses me off. They could have found other ways to make this game more popular. They hadn’t even released a ranked game mode yet. I put hundreds of hours into this game just for Epic to toss it because they are getting enough money from a ripoff game mode on Fortnite. So much hate.

  7. Game was good and fun till that last update that changed the card system and added more attack speed to all heroes, after that it was only downhill, I dropped the game because there was no more fun to play.

  8. Everyone was calling this the instant they “redesigned” the map and whatnot to “make it a faster paced game” which effectively killed any bit of fun the game was and attracted the most toxic players you can imagine. Among other issues they chose to ignore the player base pointing them out.


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