EverQuest turned 20 years old last weekend, so that means it’s time for a celebration … in PlanetSide 2!

From now until March 31, PS2 players can complete a four-part line of directives that will send them hunting after “shinies” scattered all around Auraxis. Complete the third tier to receive the Fatestealer Dagger, which upgrades into the Nightshade Dagger when the fourth tier is completed. The Nightshade Dagger is “a corrosive edged weapon capable of damaging heavy armor” that would look right at home on the hip of a dark elf.

Personally, I’d like to see things go the other way, as well. Maybe there should be a line of quests in EverQuest that let you unlock a PlanetSide 2 vehicle upon completion. Imagine that raid boss’s surprise when your group rolls up in a Sunderer and pelts it with gunfire and grenades. Hook that up to your DPS meter!


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