Star Trek Online‘s 10th Anniversary celebration is off to a rocky start — at least where some players are concerned. As part of the event, the STO team has brought back the Omega Event, wherein players complete daily quests in order to earn materials needed to build Omega Particle tech upgrades.

The problem (as reported by MassivelyOP) is that unlike with previous events, the 10th Anniversary Omega event materials are now bound to the account of the player that picks them up. In the past, players were able to trade these items assuring that even those who couldn’t do all the daily quests had a chance to still make the most of the event. (It also allowed players with time to do the quests on a regular basis to make plenty of money on the exchange.)

As you might expect, some players are responding to the change in a fairly negative way — although others disagree with their stance if the forum thread is anything to go by. So far, it appears there’s no response from Cryptic regarding player concerns about the change.

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