Prepare To Embark On A Brand New Adventure In OGame’s Largest Expansion In 10 Years

What strategy will you adopt to explore and conquer the galaxy?

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Ogames major expansion lifeforms

The long wait is over, players can finally get ready to conquer the cosmos in OGame’s massive new expansion, Lifeforms, today. The Lifeforms expansion will introduce new alien species into the world of OGame, and will open up countless new strategies for players to explore and discover with new buildings, technology, and actions specific to each race.

“With OGame turning 20 this year the team and I are preparing some major updates for the game starting with the release of the Lifeforms expansion today completely free. We are proud to finally be able to fulfill a long-standing community wish, and soon, the game will also be available on mobile devices so that players can control their fleets anytime, anywhere,” said Martin Liedtke, the game’s lead product manager.

This brand new expansion will allow players to rediscover OGame in a brand new way, all the while learning about the four new unique lifeforms throughout the universe.

In other exciting news, Gameforge is inviting players to participate in a closed beta test for the MMO OGame’s upcoming mobile app, which launches later this year for Android and iOS devices. Players will be able to try out the most important game mechanics such as research, development, and defense on the go. The development team aims to deliver a final version that players will love so, during the beta, all participants are welcome and encouraged to share their impressions and observations in order to come together as a community and create something great.

OGame is available for Windows PC and is available in 26 languages. Eager and excited players can check out the brand new trailer below before jumpinging into this new, exciting, space adventure.

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