The first Phantasy Star Online 2 content update of 2021 dropped today, adding the previously revealed Luster Scion Class, a max level increase to 100, story content, and more. As stated in earlier discussions on the new class, the Luster is a Gunblade class with three different combat styles, capable of both long and short range combat.

Among the abilities Lusters boast are Luster Voltage, Luster Counter, Luster Sidestep Guard, and Bonus Attack. These function as follows:

  • Luster Voltage – A Voltage Gauge will be added to the Sub-Palette and connecting with your attacks produce Volts. The accumulated Voltage will increase Potency and reduce damage taken. Additional Class Skills can be taken to increase Voltage accumulation rate. If there is too long of a pause between attacks, the Voltage Gauge will be reset.
  • Luster Counter – If players successfully dodge with Sidestep or a Weapon Action, they’ll unleash a powerful Sidestep Strike.
  • Luster Sidestep Guard – While locked on, Sidestep either forward or backward in time with the enemy’s attack to activate a Perfect Guard and unleash a counterattack in the direction inputted.
  • Bonus Attack – Perform four Normal Attacks in a row (does not include Sidestep Strikes) to unleash a powerful attack in accordance with the current PP or Focus Gauge level.

To access Luster, players are required to have achieved level 75 on at least two other classes.

As far as the game’s story content goes, the update continues with the Armada of Annihilation having surrounded the Mothership and ARKS needing to stop the creation of the Luminmech. Also included are two new urgent quests, available in Ultra-Hard difficulty, The Malevolent Void and The Call of the Void. There’s even a new Summoner pet, the Vulcan S. Patch notes for the update are available on the PSO2 site.

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