Did you play Bandai Namco’s free-to-play Soul Calibur: Lost Swords on the PlayStation 3? If you did, then you’d better hop back in while you can because Bandai’s shutting the game down in two months.

According to a release on the Lost Swords site (translated and described by Polygon), the game will stop selling certain items on Sept. 30, stop selling all items on Oct. 27, and go away for good on Nov. 30. Apparently, it was only ever a single-player game, pitting players against CPU-controlled opponents, which for a fighting game, leaves me thinking: “Huh?”

But hey, at least it’s got a sweetly melancholy going-away video to go with the announcement. It looks like the game was downloaded over 2 million times since its 2014 launch. Your guess is as good as mine as to what the rest of the numbers mean.


  1. It was sorta ridiculous in the ranking events; basically long time players with super overpowered characters always won the events which gave them the best gear and the cool clothing.
    I just didn’t like that you couldn’t make custom characters like you could in SC:V.


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