On February 28, the “Farewell Fairfight” update will hit Maplestory 2, bringing with it not only general updates but also quality of life changes inspired by player feedback. This is one of many updates that will address the game’s quality of life and it focuses on a few things tied to the game’s inventory system as well as some other features.

As far as inventory improvements go, this update will add a Fragment tab to the inventory, moving the various fragments rewarded to players out of the Misc inventory tab. This means a lot less searching through random items just to find those fragments when you need them.

The inventory is also being expanded, adding another 12 slots to several of the tabs, including:

  • Gear
  • Mounts
  • Catalysts
  • Fishing / Music
  • Quest
  • Gemstones
  • Currency

When sorting stuff in your inventory, it can sometimes be easy to delete things without intending to. This can be incredibly tragic when it’s a high-quality item — like, say Legendary Gear with Purple Bonus Stats. To prevent this from happening, Nexon is adding a notification pop-up to make sure you really want to destroy one of these items in the event that you ask it to. That’s right. From now on, if you destroy Legendary Gear, it’s your fault.

Finally, the update will also add some new features to the Available Quest window, providing more information when players click the exclamation point above their portrait.

Since these and future improvements are based on player feedback, the developers are asking players to join in on the conversation on the forums and Reddit. Links to both are provided on the MapleStory site.

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  1. Its a nice game, the platform is kind of odd area to explore at first, it is a game that grows on you over time with lots to achieve, in fact almost anything you do can be an achievement over time if you persevere with it.
    If ever you find things a little complex resist and pull back on the quest lines, work on areas surrounding your level, go up slow, one at a time.
    Do not be afraid of events as they are fun to do fail or win, it is good to be in a crowd even if you fall off the edge during the panic to get ahead. 🙂


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