Ragnarok Online Adds Odin's Shrine And Cooking

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

The lost shrine of Odin has been discovered in the latest update for 4game's Ragnarok Online: Revo-Classic. Found on a recently re-discovered island, the shrine is host to a variety of challenges and new monsters, from the cute chocolate-puff-like Skeggiold to the beautiful but deadly Valkyrie Randgris, and loot to match.

Also in this update, you'd better get cooking if you want to ... well, cook. Find Chef Orleans in the Castle in Prontera to begin your culinary journey, which will have you searching for recipe book volumes throughout the world to help you craft a variety of recipes that grant bonuses to stats and HP and SP regeneration.

Learn more about the new update on the Ragnarok Online site.

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