A new update has been released for Ragnarok Online, offering players the chance to exlore Rachel, the religious and political center of the Arunafeltz states. It is here that players will find the sanctuary Sessrumnir and the living incarnation of the goddess Freya — otherwise known as the Pope.

Like most important religious cities, there’s a lot buried in Sessrumnir and players will be able to explore all of it. The catacombs beneath the temple function as this area’s dungeons, but unlike normal ones these require everyone on the server to participate in order to open them.

This update will be followed by two more, adding even more content to the new area. The second update, titled Ice Caves adds a second catacomb-based dungeon consisting of three frozen levels filled with new monsters. The second, MVP, introduces a mutant wolf named Atroce that roams the fields of Rachel.

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  1. A re roll of this game is always fun and I have been back many many times, I like going through the beginning, leveling a mage, the movement and sounds are just perfect. I always seem to get to next job change before i start to die off. I do know why, as I have a love the beginnings of mmo rpg’s. I think it boils down from my days of beta testing all those years ago, unlike today were beta testing is testing via a payment or what they call contributions to help pay development which I do not do and do not believe in. I do not see why we should pay for entries into games in order to help them test with our own free time. I see this sort of TEST as an insult to gamers by devs with begging bowls held out. This action does show one thing, that those game devs just want free rides home all the way.
    Gamers provide their time freely to test & that service should not be flaunted with a payment system attached to it.
    Beta testing should be honored as a very much needed voluntary service.
    Devs who use this payment system should re think back to beta testing days when gamers were fully appreciated by been given free entries into beta tests up until the games been fully tested for its release.
    After ramble,
    Ragnarok is always a good game to play as Ragnarok is one of those games that doesn’t have that many flaws in it, its a really a nice happy medium game. I enjoyed the beta way back then as much as I do going back today, which will be properly be tomorrow.


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