Amid Player Backlash, Recent Changes To Guild Wars 2 Profession Update Receives Follow-Up Post

Moving forward, ‘design notes’ will be continuously published.

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GW2 Profession changes

A new post comes to Guild Wars 2 fans in response to community questions and concerns regarding the latest profession update notes for the upcoming June 28 release. In this post, the team mentioned that in the near-term, the ‘design notes’ that were initially forgotten will now be written up and published on the official forms as soon as they’re ready.

The post goes on to explain the long-term vision moving forward with Guild Wars 2 and the profession balance changes that will apply to PvE, PvP, and WvW. Seeing as how this information will be a collaborative effort, it will take some time to complete. The aim is to have it ready before the next major profession's update. After the original post about profession balance changes, many in the community came out frustrated as many players have dedicated 10 years to their characters.

Nonetheless, Guild Wars 2 is a “live” game that is continuously changing and evolving, and as any game that has been live for so long, it has become a very different game then where it first started. That said, changes that are still to come involving core issues are going to be a long-term, incremental effort. While there are sure to be missteps along the way, the community will continue to have a voice in the game moving forward.

While upset players should have a voice in development, death threats are obviously going too far and the team even had to address that in their follow-up post...something they should never have to address.

The June 28 release is live today along with the balance changes that were previewed on Friday. In later days, feedback will be taken into consideration and the team will evaluate the impact of changes before determining the next steps.

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