By now, you’ve hopefully had enough warning to transfer your Closers account from En Masse’s servers over to NADDIC’s. From the moment the publisher change was announced, it’s been a looming deadline, with instructions and gifts offered for doing so, and now the date is almost upon us.

Next Tuesday, Dec. 22, at midnight UTC — that’s 4:00 p.m. Pacific and 7:00 p.m. Eastern for us statesiders — the transition will be complete. At that point, if you haven’t transferred your account, you’ll lose all your progression and currency, including EMP. Learn more about how to migrate your account here.

Since you’re logging in to do the transfer, why not take advantage of the Winter Holiday event in Closers, which starts on Thursday, Dec. 17th and runs until Jan. 20? You can pick up daily login rewards and also accumulate Golden Holiday Tickets to redeem for various prizes, including a +15 Gear Booster. There’s also a Winter Event Dungeon with a variety of drops, such as Elite Troop Bracelets, Clone Remains, and RGB Armor Fragments. Learn more about the event on the Closers site.

Finally, Cheolsu Kim, a.k.a. the Amnestic Executioner, also arrives on the 17th, and there are events dedicated to him going into next year. Take advantage of those to level him up, get crafting supplies, and earn his Prometheus costume. Details on how to do all that can be found here.

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