Gaijin Entertainment’s Star Conflict got a big update for its September launch, and the second wave of the invasion will get underway in January.

If you can’t wait for the Cyborg invasion, you can jump into Star Conflict right now to take on the Defilers, alien spaceships that require 12 players to take down, and the Hunters, invincible aliens that require galaxy-spanning technology to defeat. Or, you can just take advantage of 50% off all items in the game’s store while enjoying the season’s in-game events and new achievements.

The Dreadnought ship class will also make an appearance in the January update, as well as “interesting new challenges for Sector Conquest, and introduces new e-Sport opportunities for 2015,” as described in the press release. Head on over to the Star Conflict website to check out all the goodies.

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  1. Android on January 3, 2015


  2. Ninetenduh on December 25, 2014

    The day They nerved Federation Interceptors Speed the game died to me. Speed was the only thing the Federation had.

  3. Star44 on December 23, 2014

    if theyre adding a playable dreanought class this will make me come back lol

  4. dasdasd on December 23, 2014

    ships feel so slow, dont wanna try to wander around taking forever

  5. Leon on December 22, 2014

    Those aliens are powerful. Smartbombs hurt my little interceptor quite a bit. Oh, I do love this game.

  6. Mizhun on December 22, 2014

    The borg has arrived.