Today, announced a new update for Revelation Online. Titled Mythical Conflict, the update is the eleventh “major” one to be created for the game.

Mythical Conflict is going to be a more mellow update than those that came before it — as far as system changes go, anyway. Players don’t have to worry about updates that change the entire feel of the game. Instead, it’s getting a new MOBA-inspired PvP mode. (Aren’t you surprised we didn’t say Battle Royale?)

When players elect to play the new PvP mode — named Legends of Nuanor — they won’t be using their normal characters. Instead, they’ll choose from various NPCs that have been turned into MOBA champions. As with most MOBAs, players will defend against their opponents and their opponent’s minions while trying to take their base. There’s also the standard jungling and monster hunting.

Now, don’t worry. This isn’t all that’s included with the upcoming update. does promise that there’s more. But for now, they wanted to share this portion of the content with the players.

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