riders of icarus

A new “capture-the-flag” PvP mode is coming to Riders of Icarus. In a recent blog post, the the RoI dev team outlined the new feature — Manastone Battles.

These battles take place twice a week on a set schedule. Players on a server will be alerted with a countdown, after which a Manastone will appear in a random location in the Exarahn Badlands. Once it’s spawned, Guild Alliances and Militia members engage in a free-for-all to gain control of the stone and return it to the Oracle.

Once the Manastone has been looted, the player to grab it receives a defensive buff at a cost. While carrying the stone, this player can’t mount up, use items, or attack. They’ll need to rely on their team mates to keep them alive.

Players wanting to participate in Manastone Battles will need to either be in a Guild Alliance or join the Militia. More information on the new mode can be found on the Riders of Icarus blog.

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    • When a company fails to fix those even before the game has been released you can just /uninstall or /never-install.
      The incompetence is apparent, they will never fix cheats and hacks completely and playing with cheating little sh!ts in an online environment is utter time waste.


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