As Nexon gets ready to take Riders of Icarus into another Closed Beta test, it’s time to drop some more info on a feature that makes the free-to-play MMORPG stick out a bit from the competition: Mount Catching and Flying Combat. As the above trailer shows, the world of Riders of Icarus may not be exactly what it seems at first. Creatures that start off as enemies could end up being the best friends that players could have as taming, leveling, and using creature abilities allows players to have powerful allies at their disposal.

Tame a flying mount and you’ll get to take part in Riders of Icarus’ other defining feature as you slay monsters while flying around in the skies.

If you want to ensure you get your access to the upcoming beta tests, check out the Founder’s Packs available on the Riders of Icarus site.

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  1. A game where you collect mounts only reason i play wow is because of shit ton of mounts good bye wow hello RoI!!!


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