RIFT is offering new players a bit of help when it comes to leveling up. New players of the free-to-play game are able to pick up the “Essentials Edition,” in the RIFT store. This pack — priced at $49.99 offers the following items:

  • All of the Souls from the Nightmare Tide and Storm Legion DLC packs
  • Primalist Calling with 6 Souls
  • Planewalker: Water ability (gear unlock) — account wide
  • 2 bag slots — account wide
  • 2 Earring slots — account wide

As an added bonus, Trion will be making the pack available to all RIFT players — new and old — for a limited time. This offer will end on May 11 at which time it will be made available to new players only.

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  1. Game Developer show no care anymore nowadays that really break people hearts to see game go waste like Food for example. I think more MMOS are going shut down real fast soon.

  2. Trion has scared people away from even playing Rift with what happened with Archeage. Then they pissed off the people who were already playing Rift with the paywalls they added. I honestly don’t see who is going to buy this.

    • yeah they are desperate for some money, I wouldn’t be surprised if the game closes by the end of this year, or sometime in next. The only Trion game doing well playerbase wise is Trove atm, and since they went b2p on their new game they must be doing really bad financially.


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