Grab your scuba gear, Rift’s latest update Song of Dreams has players venturing to the depths of the Telaran sea. Speaking of seas, players from overseas can now play with friends in other regions without having to read the text in another language. This is particularly useful for Rift’s more eastern regions, notably the SEA who might prefer to play with those in the EU or (if ping allows) the NA.

Back to the update’s more nautical content, Song of Dreams revives the sparely used Ember Isle, where something fishy is going on in the surrounding waters. Reports of expeditions being sucked beneath the sea and the rise of a new underwater evil will be the catalyst that sparks Rift’s first attempt at water based content. In the future (3.0 to be exact) Rift will be taking players to the Plane of Water, where you can bet there will be lots of water.

But not everything in 2.5 is about getting your feet wet. Players can stay high and dry while participating in the Gifts of the Fae. Each week starting next week, Trion will release revised level 60 dungeons of some of the community’s favorite Telaran instances. Those that happen to be leveling might want to re-plan their quest route as the Iron Pine Peak zone’s quest requirements are falling. Players from levels 27 through 35 can now participate in the icy peaks after coming directly from Gloamwood or Stonefield.

Minor to major soul adjustments for a large number souls have also been rolled out, with some having abilities purposed. While all classes received some soul adjustments with many of them being ability buffs, the majority of the balance changes affected Warrior souls. Overall, the changes and other small content additions are too numerous to list here, but if you have a vested interest you can check out the full 2.5 patch notes here.

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  1. I’d love to stick Rift underwater until it stopped kicking.

    It was a valiant effort but in the end all Rift accomplished was being a more modern WoW with 1/50th the content.

  2. This is a very good game, but I always get bored waiting around for dungeon finder (Which takes a ridiculously long amount of time to find a group). I still recommend this game as a #1 F2P MMO though. Now if Trion would hurry the hell up and release ArcheAge besides being all dead silent about the game.

  3. *crickets*

    Truly a resounding number of comments on this. I can see that players and gamers alike find this news to be uproariously amazing.


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