Remember when a Riot Games employee was fired for saying nasty things about a toxic and oft-banned League of Legends player? At the time, that player, Tyler1, said that he’d “changed” — and apparently, Riot now agrees.

As Tyler1 himself reported on Twitter, he’s now unbanned after “613 DAYS OF INTENSE REHAB” and plans to start streaming again on Monday. He’s obviously on a short leash, as the terms of his reinstatement include staying clean on all accounts he uses. There’s a long thread about the topic on Reddit, which includes a reply from Riot employee Ryan “The_Cactopus” Ringey stating that “we don’t comment on the ban status of ID banned players.” A linked picture included a mousepad at Ringey’s desk that said “Tyler1 Reformed.”

I’ve generally been of the opinion that ridiculously toxic players should be kicked out of a game permanently and have the proverbial key thrown away. That said, Riot has to know what it’s doing — and the backlash that could come if this move backfires — in unbanning Tyler1. If he actually has changed his ways, good on him for coming to terms with his toxicity. If not, the door can’t slam shut on him quickly enough.

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  1. i don’t think anyone gets the real reason why he got unbanned..

    this toxic player is a twitch streamer, I don’t watch any of the guy cause he really is an annoying kid. But the point is in loads of games populair streamers are being used to advertise their games. Basically game company’s pay streamers to play their games or they can even get free advertisement if a streamer is known to play a game regularly.

    So unless riot would unban him he probably wouldn’t be playing LoL and so they would lose a big chance on advertisement. this tyler1 prick maybe has about 50k viewers a day so it’s all about the money as always.

    unfortunatly for the fired employee it is nothing for riot to just fire someone when they can make alot of money by doing so.

    To go even deeper, Pubg [player unkown battlegrounds] is one of the biggest games on steam nowadays. Maybe someone here knows the streamer Dr.Disrespect who played pretty much nothing else then pubg daily and also has around 50k viewers regular so without statistics he probably is one of the reasons the game got that big.
    Simply cause most viewers on twitch are gamers themselfs they like watching someone play games and think this is a cool game i’m gonna get it myself and thats how it works

    • Yup, exactly

      Riot (as most companies now)

      Value profit over actual Life.

      They would rather bring back Toxic players over Employees that need jobs for living.

      This is one of the reason why I dislike League.

      ___ ___ ___

      As for Doc, he don’t just play PUBG all day tho, he switches between other Shooter games, in fact, he actually dislike playing PUBG all the time.

      But the reason he keeps on playing is because as Lirik said, “viewership”, Twitch viewers tends to like watching shooter games and MOBAs, which is why these genre of games always have high view counts. (Doc wanted to play other games, is one reason why he keeps on trying out other Shooter games, but none of them holds as much viewer as PUBG do)

      Even now, Lirik got tired of doing the same shit every single day for years… so much, he literally rage quit Twitch for a week (still on-going). He streamed for 2 hours on Monday before he suddenly said he had enough of this and just said Bye and ended the stream, and a day later he posted he decide to take time off and the reason he was so afraid of taking time off is because of viewership and sub counts. (which is partly true, even Doc lost about 6000 subs because he went on Dreamhack instead of doing PUBG charity)

      And it wasn’t just Doc that made PUBG famous, it was mainly because pretty much all the Top Streamers, including Summit, Shroud, Grimm was all playing PUBG every day. Doc was just part of it.

  2. So…. unbanning a Toxic player

    What about the employee that got fired because of this Toxic player?

    Do he get rehired back to work? the poor employee literally lost his job, while this Toxic player only lost his account for a Free-to-Play game…

    I see this as Riot being unfair and valuing on a Toxic player more than actual people that needed the job for money to live.

    • “Former League of Legends developer Aaron “Riot Sanjuro” Rutledge has parted company with Riot Games in the wake of an unfortunate outburst on the official League of Legends Discord server in which he predicted that streamer Tyler1 will “die from a coke overdose or testicular cancer.”

      Poor employee lost his job, a real real shame, wonder who’s more toxic, the shitty employee or T1

      • The player of course.

        Have you even watched how Toxic this guy was?

        If I was the employee, I would have said the same as the player IS that Toxic.

        If fact, the player said a lot worse things on live stream during his games… you don’t see him getting banned from stream because of that.

        If fact (again), the player didn’t get banned until AFTER he got the Employee fired…

  3. League of legend is a good to play for a while but the community on the other hand is a true fact made by multiple people who used to play that game have already made a comment on this site.

  4. Riot is all image control, if you posted about bugs etc, on forums during a promotion or T shirt sale, thread removed…temp forum ban. AFter, it is discussable. Their fake moral of “WE ban our pro league players” to justify their BROKEN report system is trash.They refuse to turn their lobby based game (it is all lobby based) into a workable game. For example, lobby hosts cant set ping standards, etc…meaning any lagger and leaver can troll a match, they do this to market to the game to larger but poorer tech developped countries. That is totally fine to Riot…
    The most toxic thing about LOL is not community, but it’s mechanics, they let you chat in game (if you chat in a moba, you are not playing it right, it is too complex tto direct in chat while playing, you need a voip, or you can communicate great with live action map pings and emotes like: “Player X Move here” with an emote and a ping…all that exists in this game…. including a nice “ping abuse cool down” feature, NO NEED to have a chat….
    That means toxicity comes in these forms:
    1) Knowingly playing on dial up to lag matches out.
    2) LEavers, and people not doing their role or changing lanes to adapt to situation (people play thinking they are strictly one role or one lane).
    If you win in this game the losing team will fake report you.
    IF you win in this game, people that are jealous or are mad because you did not play how you wanted, will report you.

    I had tons of 20 min queue bans, making the game nearly unplayable thanks to fake reports.
    Then, in a match, as my team was losing and raging and bullying everyone, including me, I said, “Stop bullying noob”…and I got a PERMA BAN. That is right, Riot thought “Noob” was offensive enough to remove my account I put years of work in.
    I sent a ticket. The response for the Company was a dissapointing blurp about “Your a certain percetnage of players that are toxic so you can’t have your account back”…. ANd guess what they did the next day: Release an official League Video titles: “HOw not to be a noob in LOL” Yes folks, these hypocrites are a toxic company that promote toxict behavior and hypocritically ban and their pro players to show they are “active for all family players”. I will never go back to this game despite being a fan and liking it. Game over.

  5. Considering how Tencent or another Chinese company owns a portion or all of Riot and LoL, I’m not surprised they would stoop this low to unban this this funny midget that looks like an angry ripped embryo thing.

  6. So you have to be a twitch streamer or somebody big to get unbanned from this game.

    I implore anyone that is still playing this game to stop wasting your life on it. It’s a broken gambling machine and it will always remain that way. If you don’t get that then there is no helping you and I pity you for that.

    If Riot really cared about toxicity then the chat box would be removed because the game has enough tools to communicate without typing a word. But they don’t care, it’s all about the popularity and money, the more popular they are the more money they get. They want you to get hooked start liking the game and maybe buy a few skins because you like the champ or you can relate to it. Maybe get banned and have to start over again, spend money to get champs faster. There is no achievements to show for in this game and it’s always the same thing. I could go on but there are several videos on Youtube that will example why League of Toxicity is just pure cancer. Screw Riot and anyone that stands by them.

  7. This guys one of the reasons why i stopped playing league, hes bad for the community. people and kids like to pretend to be him in games and its just toxic. I’m sorry to say this MMOBOMB, i’ve been following you guys for years. but i am removing you from my browser. take care


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