Valorant is off to a good start on PC, but will it — like many competitive shooters before it — make the leap to consoles? That’s something Riot Games is interested in doing but it might take a while to get there.

In an interview with GameSpot, Executive Producer Anna Donlon said that her team was “prototyping” a console version but that they wouldn’t be looking to compromise the game’s “strong level of competitive integrity” to do so. In particular, she’s concerned about the possibility of players having an advantage based on what platform they’re using.

Speaking of competitive integrity, Donlon also talked briefly about the ever-controversial Vanguard anti-cheat system, saying that Riot “overstepped for sure” after hearing the negative feedback, leading the team to “double down on hardware ID bans” and other measures to keep cheaters out of the game. She’s still committed to the fight against cheaters, calling it a battle that “never really ends,” with a full-time team employed to do nothing but combat these practices.

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