BioWare is dropping Patch 3.2: “Rise of the Emperor” into Star Wars: The Old Republic tomorrow, April 28th. Players of the free to play MMORPG will have access to new story, a new planet, and more…provided they have already purchased the Shadow of Revan expansion and have a character at level 60.

The planet of Ziost becomes available for both Republic and Imperial players. This “Gateway to the Empire” planet is being ravaged by the forces of the former Sith Emperor, which creates a growing problem as this Emperor is becoming stronger with each death.

Republic and Imperials will find themselves once again working together to take on a common foe. While I like the return to story the Shadow of Revan expansion brought to the MMORPG, I can’t help but still feel a little sad (and I think other SWTOR players do as well) that so much of the story for a long time has seen the Republic and the Imperials working together. Maybe we’ll see a story soon that promotes the conflict between these two factions a bit more.

Lana Beniko, Minister of the newly formed Sith Intelligence, and Theron Shan, a spy for the Galactic Republic will be your guide through facing off against the Sith Emperor and the growing forces that feed the Emperor’s rise.

Check out the patch reveal here.

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  1. Until they remove their restrictions I will not support this game event he subs are too expensive for the game. Not worth the time or energy sorry.

  2. Really i don’t care about this game, it is not a free to play game when it has so much restrictions to free player. Every time i am looking to maybe play SWTOR i go on their site and look did they removed some restrictions, and guess what NOPE.
    I really think that this game don’t need to be advertised on this site cause it is just have so ugly F2P model that is punishing players too much.
    Yeah i know it has story in it and it is free, but SWTOR makes you suffer trough that content so hard because you are F2P player.

    • Well yeah, its an update to the already existing expansion. Why do you expect the area to be free when you can’t get to that level if you don’t buy the expansion

      • you sir could not be more wrong rift is not free to try tera is not free to try neverwinter is not free to try there are plenty of f2p games that are true free to play and yes i know neverwinter has a 1 race that is not technically free and 2 that have variations that are not free but you can earn them now SWToR is not a f2p mmorpg is any manor and should not be posted on here its like them posting all the news for world of warcraft because you can kinda play it for free

        • Ok, let me be really clear. If there is a cash shop, its Free To Try. That’s how simple it is. And even though you may not agree with it, those are the rules and those will ALWAYS be the rules

          • What? Yeah no if the cash shop sells items that tosses up a pay wall that prevents free players from fully enjoying the game without handing the company money that’s play to try if the item shop sells cosmetics and other items that in no way interferes with the way you play then it’s free to play and I’ve played several mmos where it’s cash shop never got in the way of me playing the game to the fullest


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