One glance at Tactical Intervention’s epilepsy inducing trailer may remind viewers of Counter-Strike, and there’s a fairly obvious reason why. Minh “Gooseman” Le, who previously worked at Valve, was one of the original developers of Counter-Strike, the team-based tactics mod for Half-Life. Le left Valve (WHY?!) to work on his own project in South Korea, and that project turned out to be a spiritual successor of Counter Strike, but with cars and dogs! Originally, Tactical Intervention was published by OGPlanet, but was shutdown “due to the lack of a large enough fanbase to support the game”. In an ironic turn, Tactical Intervention was just released on Steam.

Published by 1337 Games and developed by FIX Korea (Where Minh is the chief technical officer), Tactical Intervention is determined to be a permanent fixture on the e-sport scene. With the official launch, there have been a few updates. Two new maps, Skyline (Hostage) and Office (TDM) bring the map total up to 11, and two new weapons were added to player’s arsenal.

Originally scheduled to launch in mid-September, the release was pushed to October in order to allow the developers to implement community feedback received during Tactical Intervention’s time in open beta. Hopefully the extra development time was put to good use since the last time we reviewed the FPS it was in serious need of refinement.

Players interested in trying or retrying Tactical Intervention can download the game via Steam now.

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  1. I just tested out at steam , I was running on highest setting , the graphic is good but the way the game is its pretty bad game and its a waste of time playing it.

  2. To all the people that defend this game…
    Have you realized every single youtube video of TI is about making fun of how ugly, broken, and stupid it is?

  3. Tactical Intervention has a unique style I haven’t come across, maybe because I don’t play a lot of tactical games but after a few tdm’s and one mission I didn’t want to play it anymore, the graphics are nice though and it did feel kind of smooth.
    Right away though I think you will notice the aiming feels a little weird.
    Also I was in a American Central Server that had chinese/korean/japanese people in them spamming the chat with their languages which kind of bothered me because I don’t know what they are saying but just putting that in there.
    Just try it.

  4. So you are trying to tell me that this game’s graphics look like a PS2 & CS looks way better. + all the bugs. Not for me thanks. I can’t believe this is the system requirements for TI..

    TI Minimum
    OS: Windows XP 32
    INTEL CPU: Pentium Dual Core E2140 1.60GHz
    AMD CPU: Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+
    RAM: 2GB
    Nvidia GPU: GeForce GT 520
    AMD GPU: Radeon HD 6480G
    HDD: 5 GB Free
    DX: 9

  5. I just played this game and it is not shit, they actually had emergency maintenance which is good news for patches in the future.

    I was actually on a server with one of the TI team (ben) he seemed like a cool guy and answered every question related to bugs and upcoming fixes. This game is what CS:GO should have been like. You can buy guns and equips with game points that you earn for kills/assists etc.

    The only problem I had is the hud to begin with it seems to get in the way but after a while it stops becoming an onscreen issue and is rather helpful. when you wall bang and hit people it does not show on the hud which is a really good feature it adds some realism, Bullets can also pass through people to hit others depending on what gun you use.
    They only allow two snipers on each team which kinda makes sense considering a tactical team is not made up of a bunch of guys with sniper rifles. The combat roll is cool too.

    My self personally do not think this game will die in two weeks due to how dedicated the TI team seem to be for giving people an actual tactical game because lets face it that last tactical game TakeDown Red Sabre is a complete fail.

    • This game would have been a big if it was released five years ago. It would have been a big hit today if it had the polish of CS:GO. But it is what it is. It might not die as fast as some people say. But it’s won’t be able to compete with most modern shooters either..

      • Curst is pretty much on the ball. The game is visually inferior and mechanically inferior to most modern shooters. No A.D.S. for one.

        I can respect that Minh wanted another counterstrike, or rather a counterstrike-inspired game. But vision or not, you have to live with the facts when you’re releasing this into a market populated by competition that is more advanced. It is just how it is.

        This game might garner enough players to keep it afloat but I seriously doubt it will do as well as Minh hopes. You have to look at other F2P FPS games since they’re in direct competition–and when comparing this to say..Blacklight..well, this is nowhere near as polished.

        Vision can only get you so far.

  6. Did NOT relaunch, It’s OFFICAL release on steam. Now you all can bitch here and wait for the game for another two month’s, Or you can get it on steam FREE and see all the new thing’s they added.

    • Methinks the definition of relaunch completely flew over your head. The game was hosted by OGPlanet. It failed and died. To relaunch something implies it has be launched before..which it has. By OGplanet. Thus this is a relaunch as the game was available before. Thus launched a second time. The matter of who is hosting it is irrelevant.

      It was available before and died. It is available again. Launched a second time. Thus, a relaunch.
      Jesus, get some comprehension.

  7. what a terrible game mechanics this game have. not even worth starting playing, if you want old fashion shooter just buy CS:GO

      • paymend options are limited to credit cards or paypal when the regular games hosted on a regular website lets say for example aeriagames or nexon or perfect world, they have many paymend options


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