Runes of Magic is twelve this year, and Gameforge has a few things prepared for those who would like to celebrate the anniversary. The developer kicked off a special Anniversary Festival on Sunday, featuring a special series of quests and, of course, gifts.

The main series of festival quests are obtained from a Mysterious Clown in Thunderhoof hills. These consist of completing some of the clown’s tasks in exchange for tickets that will grant players access to the Warnorken Arena to watch a performance. There are four of these, counting the one where players actually watch the performance. The rest of the quest lineup consists of around 14 quests, most of which seem to be mini-games. In addition, there’s cake that provides a buff as well as a login event that will offer a variety of rewards. (Unfortunately, if you missed logging in on the 25th it looks like you won’t be able to obtain the special anniversary gift. At least, according to the patch notes.)

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