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Runescape has been on a crusade against bots these last couple of years. Following last years successful bot nuke of 2011, Jagex has moved onto the next episode of the crusade, the great judgement of 2012!

According to Runescape developers Jagex “any player caught botting will be given two warnings to allow them to change their ways, after which they will be permanently banned from the game – with no appeals. At each warning stage the botter’s avatar will change to signify to the rest of the community that they have been caught botting. After receiving their second and final warning should they break the rules again, the bot avatar will be transferred to a new area called Botany Bay to await the judgment of the community.”

Once on trial the botter’s character is literally placed in the virtual stockade while the community decides what to do with them. Players will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite method of bot disposal including being stomped upon by a dragon and being blasted by the holy rays of light from the RuneScape gods. If that wasn’t enough, players will also be able to show their disgust by pelting the bot with rotten fruit whilst they wait for the votes of doom to be counted.

The removal of bots from Runescape is a very high priority for Jagex as lead designer Mark Ogilvie stated, “We take a very hard line on cheaters in our game and have taken the unique move to name and shame those who have been breaking one of our most important rules. We have wanted to do this for some time and we hope that by bringing the actions of those who cheat to the attention of the wider community, we can make a massive step towards eliminating botting from the game”.

Those that wish to exact sweet justice on thy bot enemies can do so now and be rewarded with a unique in-game cosmetic item.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Looks good, but it’s just a cheap show.

    Runescape changed completely. It’s all about the money now. Bots are a good example. Bots paying good money > Jagex never realy going to get down on them. Instead, they are making circus to fool their peasants (the reward is a pitchfork…).

    But it was funy how their shiny new ‘bot-detector’ banned everybody except the botters on its first day.

    rip rs

  2. Its kinda cool, i bot and would love to get punished, in my mind ill be laughing watching my noob alt getting wasted XD. Nothing can stop botters/hackers/mallers, those will always be the nemesis in every MMO, only noobs pay attention to stuff like this since they can’t advance because they think they can become the most OP thing in the server by playing like 1-2h daily without mall, still those who malls or hack definetly needs to be put some limit or huge game imbalances will happen.

  3. Nice comment ,and yes i played RS for 4 yrs ,and went bck and botted . its a nice thing like he said sheep, to throw something at it , not the sheep ,but RS devs. but it wont stop. its java for god sake . they will always find a way around it.

  4. It is cute but it does nothing really to the botter. If he is botting…he is not there in front of the pc to see all of this. When he arrives to collect his good and see he is blocked. He will only re roll.
    The difference between this and Deleting are the same effect = IT doesnt stop it. It is just to let players hit things virtually to take out their anger. Honostly I love bot systems as most grind is brainless.
    More games should have meaningless things like this to keep the sheep community at ease as they throw tomatoes…meanwhile in the woods they dont even play in because they are to busy on the fruit throwing, a humble bot is getting goods for his master. IF you think “oh it breaks economy” or “oh it is unfair” All that is just game design fail. So many great games with game botting. Look at Forsaken World. One of its latest updates was a bot system that most people do not know about, but even though you can auto AFK, DUE TO ITS DESIGN, it is actually a huge help and when you come back a month later of botting it is not even 10% of what you need yet, but it did help. soooo yeahhh all design….


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