At some point, you have to wonder if game companies’ job listings and résumé postings are put out there, not as much to provide information for potential employees/employers as much as they are to provide teasers and whip fans into a speculative frenzy. We’ve seen it time and time again with Daybreak Game Company’s job postings — and it looks like we’ll learn solid details about that tomorrow! — and now Jagex, or more specifically, one Jagex employee — is stoking the fandom fires with his LinkedIn profile.

Nathan Richardsson has a long list of credits, including stints at Trion Worlds, Ubisoft, and Behaviour Interactive, but he’s currently employed by Jagex where he’s apparently working as the executive producer on “An unannounced Runescape Action Role Playing Game.”

RuneScape is extraordinarily successful, but its spin-offs — most recently Chronicle: RuneScape Legends — have generally not fared as well. So it’s not surprising to see the company working on yet another game in the franchise, but considering the lack of a public announcement thus far, it seems unlikely that we’ll hear anything solid about the game for some time.

What do you think? Is a RuneScape ARPG up your alley?

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  1. wow they would be so good at it they already have iconic powerfull legendary weapon(boss,monster,dungeon,raid) in the core game to make it a nice grind


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