RuneScape’s Fort Forinthry: New Foundations Update Adds Way For Players To Progress Even When They’re Not Playing

The update also brings the new Duke, Duchess, and Dux titles and introduces a new construction skill.

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RuneScape Fort Forinthry Launch

Today, RuneScape dropped the first part of the Fort Forinthry storyline with the New Foundations update. This update offers players the chance to receive a new title from King Roald and take back the wilderness using the new outpost feature. This new project is possible thanks to the ending of the Elder God Wars. Now players can concentrate on things a bit closer to home. Of course, that doesn’t mean that things are going to be easy. The Zamorakian’s are knocking at the door and it’s up to players to defend against them with their new outposts.

A big focus of this update is to drive players to become master crafters, using a new construction skilling method to build their fort. This won’t all happen at once, however. Instead, players can expect things to unlock over several updates. Building up the fort introduces new benefits and bonuses, so it’ll be worth doing.

Each new building in the fort adds new abilities. Go to the Workshop to make planks, the chapel is where they can build up their Prayer skill and use incense to train faster, the Command Center allows players to control their duchy, and the Town Hall will allow players to earn Rest XP. This means that even if players aren’t in the game, they’re still progressing. That’s good news for players that may not have as much time as they used to.

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