RuneScape Update Takes Players To The Final Elite Dungeon To Confront The Ambassador


The latest RuneScape update — dropped today — wraps up the Elite Dungeon trilogy story-line with the introduction of The Shadow Reef. To participate in this new dungeon, players will need to have completed the first two in the trilogy, the Temple of Aminishi, and the Dragonkin Laboratory.

Once in the dungeon, players will traverse multiple levels in order to stop a ritual to summon an ancient evil. On their way, they’ll encounter several mini-bosses and two main bosses before running into the final boss, the Ambassador.

Those who defeat the Ambassador and complete the dungeon will earn several rewards, including the items needed to craft a rare tier 92 two-handed crossbow. To go along with the crossbow, players will also be able to get their hands on tier 92 black stone arrows. These have a special effect for reducing the target’s defense.

The update also includes several bug fixes that can be read about on the RuneScape site.


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