The anticipated newest character for Rusty Hearts, Natasha , is now available for players to access. She is a gun-toting beauty, who joins the revolt to avenge her brother’s death and attacks with dual pistols, rifles, as well as a slew of firearm-related special abilities. And for some reason she looks a lot like Dante from Devil May Cry.

For the first time in Rusty Hearts’ history players will be able to level a character almost entirely unobstructed. With our highest level set at 30, we expect a sprint to the top of the ranks. Along with leveling up comes epic weapons; this is where we come in. We’ve highlighted some of Natasha’s most powerful and useful pea-shooters to help get you started. Take a sneak peak at what you can wield as you progress throughout the game with the smoking vixen.

Get more details about Natasha and her abilities at


  1. nah not is dante only can use musket or dual guns and is very hard avoid the hits of the monster in the first lvls of the character before the character is very easy with the LAND MINE

  2. You know your absolutely right. But Dante would so pwn her 😉 if you catch my drift ;D *wink*
    joax, yea got to level 23 with my Fred and quit. Got bored quick i guess. I can’t stand games that only have instances, small towns and all round gender locked classes. Pray that Tera or b&s will be out soon! ^-^


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