Midwinter Entertainment’s Scavengers is in the midst of its open beta/early access, and as is usually the case when a developer invites thousands of people to try its game out, it finds that there are things that need work. Midwinter addressed those in a hotfix earlier today, the details of which were spelled out in a post on the Scavengers site.

The first issue addressed is the oft-seen mea culpa regarding a game with a sudden influx of new players: “we didn’t do a very good job communicating” something about the game — in this case, that research doesn’t lead to greater raw power. As such Scavengers now offers “generically powerful options at a lower level” and the drop rates for certain research items has been increased to enable quicker progression.

Related, several crafting costs received adjustments, to “incentivize more strategic planning for gathering and using Scrap,” especially with regards to early vs. late power. Alternatively, why craft when you can steal? Now, if you can wipe out an entire enemy squad, they’ll drop all their gear, including signature weapons.

On the friends and enemies front: Some players’ friends lists were also messed up after linking Improbable and Steam/Epic accounts, but that’s been cleared up. Meanwhile, everyone’s enemies — cheaters and exploiters — can no longer change their names midway through a match, and players are encouraged to report suspicious behavior in-game and via Discord.

UPDATE: Midwinter made another post about the first week of early access, from developer Josh, a.k.a. JoshingtonState. He mentioned most of the same issues that were covered in the previous day’s patch notes, while also mentioning that half a million people tried Scavengers in that week. He also mentioned that a console port would be coming down the road, but it would be a while: “months, not weeks.” Finally, he encouraged players to check out all the different ways they can get their feedback to the dev team — Discord, as previously mentioned, as well as Twitter, the game’s subreddit, and, if you’re a content creator, via a special program created just for them.



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