The latest update for Funcom’s occult-themed Secret World Legends introduces several quality of life changes for players, perhaps the most important of which is the new Anima Allocation system. This system allows players to fine tune their stats on the fly using a simple slider. The new window can now be found with the other stat and build related information by pressing “N”. There, players will see a triangle representing the trinity of Tank, Heal, DPS. In the triangle is a cursor that players can move, changing their character’s stats and roles as subtly or drastically as they like. The great news is that these changes don’t cost the players anything.

To make this whole thing work, the developers had to play with the game’s talisman system. Effectively, they’ve negated the need to seek out specific talismans to accommodate your class. In fact, it appears the only reason to seek out specific talismans is to get the ones with special abilities. This should make things a heck of a lot easier.

As an added bonus, the developers have also decided to drop the cost of removing glyphs and signets from talismans by 80% for a limited time. So it should be much easier and cheaper to move those into the talimsans you really want.

All this said, I would allow for some issues regarding this new system for a while. I know that at least a few members of my own Cabal have been noting problems. Some seem to be a learning curve, while others seem to be players’ abilities being broken.

More information on the new system is available on the Secret World Legends site. Also, if you’d like to check out what’s up with the rest of the update, you can find the patch notes on the SWL site as well.

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