Even if you don’t have much interest in the game, it’s still a visual treat to watch video of Grey Box and YAGER Development’s capital-ship slugfest Dreadnought. Today the team posted a developer commentary video for its new Team Elimination game mode, and it’s full of explosions, insight, and hard-hitting action. But mostly explosions.

The objective in Dreadnought’s Team Elimination mode is to destroy all your opponents’ capital ships in a best-of-three match. Capital ships do not respawn; instead, when a player dies, he comes back as a nimble fighter, which offers a little supportive firepower. It’s a novel take on the “one vehicle, no respawns” approach that games like World of Tanks usually employ, giving you incentive to stay alive but not removing you entirely from the match when you do succumb to enemy firepower.

Dreadnought is still in closed alpha testing, but with the way it looks and plays right now — check out my impressions from PAX South four months ago — it won’t be long before we can all get behind the controls of our very own engines of destruction.

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