It seems about the right time for an Aion 2 — or something like that — doesn’t it? I mean, it has been speculated about before. So it probably shouldn’t be too shocking that MMO Culture has come across a job listing from the Korean based NCSoft looking for an animator to work on a project based on the Aion IP.

The position listing describes the new Unreal Engine 4 project as a “next-generation console and PC MMORPG”. As for the potential employee in question, they’ll need to be familiar with 3DS Max and capable of creating resources for both concept and development. (So, if you think you’re that artist, maybe hit them up.)

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  1. BnS is switching to UE4, later this year. Supposedly BnS console ports are being considered, too, so I’d guessed that, but it does say Aion IP… hm.

  2. It’s a new Lineage, Havent heard anything about a new Aion. I would play it if so. I loved Aion, And still fo even tho I moved on.

  3. I’ve been waiting for a Aion Sequal for years now.
    Ever since they teased us with a Aion trailer which had a completely different gameplay but never got released.

    I was the number 1 rank in Aion NA Kahrun for nearly a year.
    I quit cuz it got boring, same shit, no proper updates.

    Hope we get a new modern style Aion


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