Pearl Abyss’ BDO-themed battle royale Shadow Arena has a new ranged melee hero today. Tantu comes in heavy with Buster cannons and the ability to easily switch between close and ranged melee combat. When finishing enemies off, however, he does prefer the personal touch, getting in close and throwing his foe to the ground. It doesn’t matter what their stats are, other players need to take care.

On the upside — for the other side — Tantu’s ranged abilities don’t allow him to attack from extremely long distances. In fact, he’ll have to be closer than other ranged Heroes such as Orwen and Herawen. But, being hit by him will have some pretty nasty side effects.

Of course, Tantu isn’t the only thing added to the game. Beta Season 2 has also arrived, with the first round beginning today. Those who achieved Gold or higher in the first season will be rewarded with a Living Legend skin via in-game mail. The new Battle Pass has been added as well and a rundown of how players can acquire all the necessary points is available in the update’s patch notes.

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