Star Wars: The Old Republic fans, the wait is finally over. Well, for some of you. Today starts the early access period for the new Shadow of Revan expansion pack. New levels, new zones, and new story await those that have been longing for a bit of “meatier” content for a while now.

The official launch is scheduled for next week, December 9th, for anyone that purchases the new expansion, but if you pre-ordered early enough and are a subscriber feel free to download your update now and jump into the new content.

If you didn’t pre-order the expansion, you’ll still notice some big changes the next time you log in. BioWare has been hard at work revamping all talent trees and abilities. You can check out the official guides for all classes by clicking the links below.

Commando + Mercenary
Vanguard + Powertech
Shadow + Assassin
Sage + Sorcerer
Sentinel + Marauder
Guardian + Juggernaut
Gunslinger + Sniper
Scoundrel + Operative

Make sure to come back here and post your review of the new expansion.

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  1. For a Star Wars game, I barely feel like I’m inside the Star Wars universe at all. Playing this game reminds me of how tedious and annoying the leveling can get in World of Warcraft, except that there are private servers so I can enjoy the full game for free.

  2. Gameplay is like turn based, wuper low player base, reviving the dead wit these updates, also its a fake free to play with locked classes and content.

    • You must be talking about a diferent game.
      Combat aint turned based,there are no class restrictions and the only content that will be blocked is this new expansion(DLC)

      • HAHAHA “the only content that will be blocked is this new expansion(DLC)”

        What about:
        Epic equips= unlock via money
        Hide HAT=unlock via money
        Show titles= unlock via money
        Able to use a mount/special skills= unlock via money
        New skill bar= unlock via money
        Dye system= unlock via money
        Auction sale= unlock via money
        Increase currency in game(cause there are limit for free players) = unlock via money
        Customize companion= unlock via money
        Limit for pvp = unlock via money
        Able to level up after level 50= unlock via money


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