While sealing away some of its old Destiny 2 content in the Vault, Bungie is also bringing back or revitalizing some new areas for the Beyond Light expansion. The Cosmodrome is getting an overhaul, as we already knew, but another popular destination might also be getting the once-over and returning to the Destiny ‘verse.

Sharp-eyed fans have noticed a couple of unusual details that were present in a promo image on the PlayStation Store for the new expansion: specifically, what appeared to be a fully healed Traveler and the original Tower, which was ransacked during the Red War. The fully healed Traveler is actually “old news,” in a sense, since we saw what appeared to be just that in a blog post showing off the new Director’s screen back in July.

As for the Tower, there’s less evidence to support its return, though one bit of information has leaked out. A streamer by the name of Parasito “leaked some clues about an upcoming event in Destiny 2,” according to Polygon. After deleting the Tweet, Parasito simply said that more details would be coming “soon.”

There’s likely something going on, and if Bungie is making changes of this level, it would make sense to implement them at the time of a huge expansion, in the attempt to draw in both new fans and fans of older content. Just as long as they don’t bring back Peter Dinklage to voice your Ghost.

While waiting for the expansion, and any confirmation on the above, you could just sit back and enjoy the latest ViDoc from Bungie. The video takes us through some of the villains in Beyond Light and gives us a behind the scenes view of socially distant development. It’s certainly worth your 15 minutes!

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