While Destiny 2 has had a lot of success with its free-to-play implementation, New Light, one aspect that’s been frequently criticized is the new player experience. As a totally new player last year, I agreed. Some aspects of the system, like better quest navigation, have been updated over the past year but with Beyond Light, Bungie will be making major changes in how new Guardians find their footing in the solar system.

The latest This Week At Bungie blog post laid out some of the details of the new system — which, at first, bears some resemblance to the old one. You’ll still be a recently awakened Guardian discovered by your Ghost. But instead of exploring the Cosmodrome on your own, you’ll have some help, in the form of another Guardian named Shaw Han. As you explore with him, you’ll try out some different weapons and engrams, learn about progression, and get some insights as to how to deal with all … those … quests.

Experienced players can also take the Cosmodrome out for a spin when the new player experience goes live on Nov. 10. You can take on the tutorial yourself if you like, and there will even be a bit of totally new content, described as “stumbling upon a Lost Sector that you haven’t seen before.” Read up on all that, as well as the changes coming to mods, the Festival of the Lost Art and Fashion Show, and how to prepare yourself for the new expansion in the post on the Destiny 2 site.

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.



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