Allods Team and My.com dropped some nifty infographics highlighting milestones players have achieved in the free-to-play game, Skyforge. These numbers were originally shown in October at the Skyforge and Armored Warfare joint launch party, but the devs thought it was a shame not to share them with everyone.

The takeaways… At the time of data collection, there were 1,100,000 players spread across 12,439 Pantheons. It’s also worth noting that everyone had a go as a Paladin at some point.

Oh… And any Doctor Who fans will appreciate the name of the Pantheon with the most players…. Seems about right, doesn’t it?




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  1. I’ve been playing MMORPG’s for 12 years now and the feel of constant progression is a good feeling to me. I mean everything that’s attached to your character down to your Pantheon(aka guild) has importance. NOW! Is the game perfect? No. Are they fixing and adding cool things? Yes. Being a Pantheon leader I’ve enjoyed the new Academy system, which helps new players get more from the game with info,buffs, and it gives back to the Pantheon. The combat system is da bomb. Is it a grind? Yes. It will hurt if you play only one class, which is something that will hurt you anyway. Learning a new class while grinding instances gives the game a new feeling. Then playing as a God in raid!! OMG! Have you guys seen the end game content? It’s a 10 for me. Getting to God and hitting 36k opens the game up to you even more. You guys that don’t like the game should continue to keep an eye on it, wait for some class fixings, and other things that games try to fix while in BETA. I also stream it, so if you want more info you can catch me on twitch. Gdaps

  2. well, it makes sense to formulate the ACTUAL active player from their percentage shown above.
    I would not consider those who did not get pass the first three classes in their atlas to be real significant. taking those three class away, the actual active player shows longevity for this game maybe around 500k or less. (1.1 million * percentage for all other classes combined).

  3. I still see a lot of players but I need to accept that almost of the OBT folks have gone. I need to admit too that i also quit due personal problems but I still log in once or twice. Skyforge need some more marketing or visibility. Don’t know how but I believe that a good new content with new Classes/Cities/Open Areas could be good.

  4. 1.1m immortals created more than 75% left. 12.5k pantheons even with an average of 30 players per pantheons wouldn’t make near half a million. I don’t know about the pve kills but if it’s from the moment server started. 3kkk is not a lot for 1.1m since 1 player would have at least 300 mob killed per day. 4 months or more since server out.


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