Skyforge has launched on the Nintendo Switch, bringing its action gameplay and godlike powers to a new platform. You can play for free without a Nintendo Online subscription, and embark on epic adventures, teaming up with other Immortals to defend Aelion from invasions.

Skyforge offers 18 classes that you can swap between on the fly, with names like Lightbinder, Soundweaver, or Cryomancer, and take your adventures on the go with your Switch. Until March 5, you can receive a set of six free cosmetic gifts when you complete the tutorial: the Cyber Warrior Costume, Halo of Vows, Glowing God Eyes (in two different colors), Wings of Vows, and two God Tattoos (in eight different colors). There are also three flavors of Founder’s Packs you can purchase from the Nintendo eShop.

Skyforge first launched for PC, in open beta form via the launcher, all the way back in 2015. It came to Steam and the PlayStation 4 in April 2017 and to the Xbox One in November of that year. With the Switch now being added to the list of ways to play the game, it seems likely that as long as there’s a platform, Skyforge will be there.

Learn more about today’s Switch launch on the Skyforge website.

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