Back in June, dropped a developer diary offering a general overview of their plans to improve PvP in Skyforge. The goal of the changes is to get more people to participate in PvP — something that would require eliminating the barrier of entry for lower level players. As it turns out, the scaling system that has been in use generally benefitted high-level players thanks to a selection of bonuses.

In a more recent blog, the dev team outlined the details on how they plan to fix this. The major change is that they’ve added the Honor stat, which grants a bonus to the health and damage of a character during PvP — maxing out at 35% for the former and 20% for the latter. This new stat is applied to equipment and its level is determined by the generation of the item in question. It’s also worth noting that the max value of the stat increases with each season.

To encourage players to hop in, the development team is also implementing PvP happy hours. If players participate in PvP battles during these times, they will earn increased rewards. The team has also implemented a system to make PvP ratings more apparent and noobie friendly. For starters, players no longer have to worry about losses in Bronze League hurting their rating. Of course, once out of Bronze, they will have to work to keep their rating up. And, finally, players will be matched with others of similar or equal ratings at the beginning of a new season.

A full rundown on the thresholds, rewards, and other important details for each PvP league can be found on the Skyforge blog.

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