Skyforge’s next big patch is set to hit on Wednesday, and it’s bringing a lot of changes with it that should improve the overall quality of gameplay — as well as add some unique features. The patch notes are a rather large laundry list of changes in everything from the Pantheon Wars to general interfaces and bug fixes — including specializations and story items.

There are also a few interesting additions to the game; for instance the new Photomode system which allows players to “pause” the game for screenshots. Players should keep in mind that the pause is merely a visual thing. If you’re in the middle of a fight, you’re still being attacked through it. So I wouldn’t take too much time to line up that shot if I were you.

Another fun addition is PvP trophies — which are similar to regular trophies except the bonuses they provide work only in PvP battles.

For a full list of changes, be sure to check out the patch notes on the Skyforge site.

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  1. not only very repetitive or low quality content but very unbalanced pvp you can be 8k vs 30000k prestige not to mantion that if you have alot a time and you want to dedicate to play the game well they wont let you. Alot of limittes that resets once per week and when it’s done takes you around 1 h to cap it again. I enjoyed the game i even put nice money in it. But inevitable that one day you look at you and slap yourself and asking WHY did i played that so loong time s:

  2. Pay to win and its bugged , very broken directx 9 game with outdated looks, lagfest, go to hub and u will see urself, how can make so broken shi t, its also single player game with chat, you almost always alone with random teams for few minutes time to time, in open areas you need to shout hours to team up, shi t devs explains everything


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