World of Tanks’ Update 9.4 is now live. This update adds quite a few changes, a new map, a new battle format, and some new Strongholds options. All in all though, the update is rather small compared to past updates and may largely fly under the radar for many, particularly if you’re not in a clan.

The most noticeable change for most players are the changes in Team Battle mode. This mode has been renamed “Attack/Defense” and, like Assault mode, now features one attacking squad and one defending squad. Each team protects two bases, but only one capture is required to win. Points for each capture point are not added together. Squad requirements have changed as well and are now fixed so be sure to read up on the tier limitations on the update page.

The new Stalingrad map is nice from a historical point of view but is pretty on par with other maps having an open attack field in the center with a few nice entrenchment spots at other locations.

Strongholds can now be upgraded past level 5 and new pillaging options have been added for clans taking part in this mode. While no new tanks were added in this update, a few balancing changes were made to the existing line up. Be sure to watch the tour video above before jumping back into battle.

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  1. great game but i am not interested in it until they fix 2 main issues for me.1:the fact a whole tank can dissapear after 3 seconds of not shooting while being in a bush and 2:the matchmaking which is usually 2 tiers higher or 2 tiers lower while it should be 1(and no i am not talking about scout tanks)

    • I agree with 2, but one is illogical and impossible. In order for the tanks to be able to be constantly spotted you need bigger maps. The maps in WoT are too small and if the spotting/stealth mechanics are taken away its gonna brake the game and incourage a ton of camping. If you want constantly spotted enemies play War Thunder Ground Forces.

      • The way the spotting system currently works encourages a ton of camping. Right down to the actual mechanics, you are penalized by moving.

        • True, but what would happen if you are able to be constantly spotted? 1st WG will have redo all the maps to add more bushes and cover. 2nd people will camp even more because everyone will see them thus encouraging a lot more cautious and camp-like playstyles

        • Penalized for moving? Are you crazy or something? You also have to reload every time you shoot. Does this mean that you’re penalized for shooting? More than that, you have to pay for repairs after every battle, so you’re pretty much penalized for playing, right? ROFL


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