Smite's Doing a Slipknot Crossover – Because, Why Not?

There's apparently a trebuchet push mechanic, too.

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Smite Slipknot Crossover

Smite’s May update is going to be an interesting one – for two reasons. First, they’re doing a crossover with the band Slipknot. That means there will be skins for some of the gods modeled after the band’s members. Effectively, Poseidon, Raijin, and Chaac will each have three skins built around different members of the band. Not only that, but as part of the event, there will also be a collection of cosmetics, including a stamp, loading screen, avatar, music, and more.

As for the format of the event, it's basically a single chest with all the skins and bundles locked inside. Players who unlock chests will eventually earn a Choice Chest Roll that allows them to select any item from the chest. Every fourth roll will offer this choice.

Another interesting part of the update is the introduction of Empowered Trebuchets to conquest. These are part of a new push mechanic in which a team is able to push them down the lanes and use them to take out towers. The trebuchets also offer a defensive buff, providing additional protection for those standing within 30ft of them.

Titan Forge hosted a live stream today highlighting these new additions as well as the rest of what players can expect from the update. Those interested can watch it below.

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