Hi-Rez Studios, makers of the acclaimed online shooter Global Agenda, announced their lineup for the upcoming Gamescom trade show taking place in Cologne, Germany from the 17th to the 21st of August. And to celebrate this announcement they wanted to share the very first gameplay screenshots from an early version of SMITE, showing its unique take and style.

Tribes: Ascend, the long-awaited new title in the popular Tribes franchise, will be playable in Hi-Rez’s media booth alongside SMITE, a new action-strategy game which will be unveiled and playable for the very first time at the show.

SMITE: Announced this past April, SMITE is a brand new game where gods from various mythologies fight for supremacy in action-packed multiplayer battles, within beautiful environments powered by Unreal Engine 3. For the first time ever, SMITE will be shown to the press in a playable version behind closed doors on the Hi-Rez booth, with Travis Brown, Senior Designer.


  1. MOBA = Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The first game of this genre was WarCraft III map called Defence of The Aincients.

  2. Game engine don’t have anything to do with game’s genre. If they can make MMORPGs, turn-based RPGs and online team-based action games with swords and magic on Unreal engine… then why not a MOBA?

    But. What if it’s not a MOBA, but something like “Savage”? I.e. a strategy where in both teams there’s one player controlling everything on stratigic level (buildings, upgrades, production) and a dozen of players picking heroes and fightin in third-person action style. … …. At least I want it to be that way. 🙂

    If it is a standard MOBA though, then screw it, I’ve seen more than anough of them. I’ve liked the original game (DoTA), but now I begin to hate it’s clones and remakes. There’s too many of them already. The fact that this one is third-person and not a top-dow-view style game doesn’t change anything.

  3. Eww we don’t need more MOBA’s, this isn’t the first game to try mix-mythologies fighting. They usually dont turn out well.

    • Looks like a regular moba game but instead of heroes you get to pick gods, that’s Kali in the first picture I think and Odin in the second.


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