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Apparently software isn’t enough for Snail Games, who announced plans at CES 2015 in Las Vegas to enter the hardware market with the introduction of a pair of gaming smartphones.

Setting a new record for product name brevity, the W — yes, just “W” — will implement dual joysticks and physical buttons in its design. Its partner, the W 3D, will also offer a 3D gaming experience on an 5.5″ HD screen, without the need for special viewing equipment.

Both phones will come pre-loaded with 30 of Snail Games free-to-play titles. Though Snail Games USA is behind the product, which will be launched in North America, its Chinese parent company has a vast library to choose from, though it’s hard to say if those titles will be westernized at all. Well, westernized as much as anything Snail Games makes. Mobile publisher Gameloft has also signed on to support the product.

Both devices are also fully functional Android-based smartphones, and Snail Games is also working on its own gaming console, the OBox:

Snail OBox

“Also Android-based, the OBox uses an adapted operating system that provides users with access to a wide range of games and applications. The game console enables 3D video output on 3D compatible TVs, and supports PC game porting to provide greater and higher quality choices in available games. The OBox uses a dual-joystick controller for the feel familiar to console gamers, while integrating a new “air-mouse” control system for motion-sensor pointing and controls.”

You can read the full press release announcing the W and the W 3D here.

Will you be tossing out your old iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, or trashing your Xboxes and PlayStations to get a W, W 3D, or OBox?

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  1. If someone buys the W, I guarantee you they will quickly delete all of the pre-installed F2P trash to make room for emulators and ports of classic games that originated on better consoles. Snail and Gameloft games can barely be considered fun.

  2. Actually an android based console could still be very good, the ouya flopped due to poor decisions in system spec and they never hyped it enough or pushed marketing for it to catch on past the funding of the project. I still want to see android based pc os due to the fact it looks sleek and performs near flawlessly without hammering resources like our current os options outside of linux. The smart phone could do okay if they manage the battery life and at least provide docking stations for home play which is the biggest flaw with gaming tablets like the shield- batteries drain way too fast and deplete even while being charged if you game. This isn’t software it is hardware, again. Not sure how I feel about the ones trying it being Snail Games though. It’s bound to be some kind of cash cow setup on levels previously unthinkable if their current pc and mobile gaming entries are indication..

    • I agree with this. One thing that makes me believe that the OBox could work is that it is modular. It would be great if they could sell this in different configerations so that users won’t have to personally upgrade this, but the benefit is that you can choose price and power and the device won’t antiquate so quickly. They have Gameloft on board, all of their own games including Age of Wushu, the Nvidia Tegra Zone, any Android controller optimized game. If they add PC streaming into the mix and maybe a button mapper like the one they have on the W3D then this console will have more than enough of a foundation to be successful.

  3. ok…. didn’t eat anything funny last night so this isn’t a dream *sigh* has the director been playing too much gamedev tycoon or something? ’cause that would be the only way to explain his delusion… I mean, come on, let’s be realistic here: they barely have a big enough player base to keep afloat and more players come and go then in a successful pub so their economy and player base are shaky at best! what do they hope? that this will bring some stability? *sigh* stop eating halo shrooms you idiots! this ain’t a hallucination, this is reality! the only thing this move will do is bankrupt the company (finally)

  4. If they focused on the battery to last twice long than average smartphone.

    Then , it can be a thing. Obox? y not called it ouiya 2.0? Android based console. Huge nope.

    battery power haunt every handheld , so if they answer it correctly.(why am i repeating my point?)

    But they should look up to trending mobile games , the implementation of joystick buttons felt unnecessary . Why give huge touch screen if not optimize on that?

    We dont need buttons , but bumper and trigger. Put the rest as screen not input. Why go backward? revolutionize what we currently had.

  5. Have they not figured out that Android based home consoles is a dead market? Because after the Ouya pretty much flopped, the massive hype behind everyone trying to get into Android based home consoles faded pretty quickly. There’s a reason for that.

    If folks want to play trashy Android games, they’ll play on their phones they already have. If they’re going to sit in front of a TV, they want something a little more engaging.

  6. The Obox’s joystick reminds me of something very, very familiar.
    I mean, VVVEEERRRYYYYyyyy….well, cmon this joystick is a 100%
    xboxone’s joystick ripoff, with green lights and stuff.

  7. Who would buy the Obox lol, that sounds like a rip off lol. The phone is maybe something to buy but if it can only play snail games then why bother.

  8. Lol wat? The OBox..? Oh that’s going to go over well..

    Also..dafuq has snail games actually done that they think they can produce (successfully) gaming smartphones (lol) and consoles? Are these guys retarded or something?


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