Soon Star Trek Online Players Will Be Able To Get Their Own Torchbearer Gear, But Only If They Admit Today’s A Good Day To Die

Get ready for STO’s next Klingon-themed TFO event.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Star Trek Online Good Day To Die

Star Trek Online is getting ready to kick off the 2023 event campaign – beginning with a new TFO event on February 16. The A Good Day to Die event will feature six Klingon-themed TFOs: Defense of Starbase One, To Hell with Honor, Battle of the Binary Stars, Remain Klingon, Operation Riposte, and Best Served Cold. Players will need to do these TFOs in order to earn progress over the 14-day event.

Once they’ve completed their progress – players will unlock the Torchbearer Collection inspired by Discovery. This includes Armor, an EV Suit, a Costume Unlock, and a special Bat’leth. These are sacred Klingon items and will grant players new abilities – such as the ability to summon Klingon Warriors that will taunt enemies and force them to fight in melee range.

Once the reward is claimed, players will then be able to earn bonus progress offering more rewards. Rewards will be in the form of additional Dilithium ore.

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