The former Raiders of the Broken Planet, now known by the much shorter title Spacelords, has officially (re-)launched as a free-to-play title. It comes alongside the game’s fourth campaign, Council Apocalypse, and developer MercurySteam has plans to add “a wealth of new content to the game in the following months.”

With the F2P transition comes a revamp to progression, along with rewards for loyal players who invested in the game when it was buy-to-play. Specifically, they’ll receive one exclusive elite skin for every campaign that they previously purchased. Overall, Spacelords offers more than 70 unique weapons and 500 character cards for character customization.

There’s also a new character joining the ranks of the Raiders. Valeria Robespierre is a wealthy heiress who designed and built her custom combat chassis to take on all comers. Also, she’s basically the adult version of a “creepy doll,” which is probably good for a little extra intimidation.

You can download and play Spacelords right now on Steam, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.

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