Square Enix Reports A 58% Decrease ($110 Million) In Profits From April Through September, MMOs Decline Again

Don't worry though, they still netted $1.1 billion in sales.

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Square Enix is currently going through a financial rollercoaster.

According to the company’s financial earnings from April through September 2023, Square Enix reported net sales of $1.1 billion — marking a 5% increase compared to the previous year. However, profits saw a significant decline, with a 58% decrease — amounting to about $110 million.

The HD Games sub-segment of the company experienced substantial growth though — with net sales reaching $290 million. That’s a 49% increase, and it’s largely attributed to the release of Final Fantasy 16 (which sold over three million copies). Still, it fell short of SE's "high -end" sales expectations.

And then there’s the mobile/PC browser sub-segment, which brought in $358 million thanks to Dragon Quest Champions and Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. MMOs on the other hand saw a 16% decline in revenue, primarily due to reduced sales for Final Fantasy 14 and Dragon Quest 10.

All things considered, Square Enix is optimistic. The company projects a 5% year-on-year increase in net sales for the fiscal year ending in March 2024, with a forecast of $2.4 billion. Star Ocean: The Second Story R is already out now, and Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince as well as Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are on the horizon. Also, Final Fantasy 14 is coming to Xbox in spring 2024, plus the new expansion Dawntrail launches the summer that follows.

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