Star Gem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment’s free to play space shooter, Star Conflict, has become the latest MMO to be added to Perfect World Entertainment’s Arc platform. Star Conflict can now be accessed using your Arc sign in on the Arc portal website.

“The launch of Star Conflict on Arc adds our fifth game in the last four months as we continue to build a quality library that offers variety for our players,” said Yoon Im, Senior Vice President of Publishing. “As a group of gamers, our team is always looking to partner with developers who are interested in expanding their reach to a platform dedicated to providing fun video game experiences.”

It’s interesting to see what Perfect World is doing here. Over the last few months the Arc platform has expanded out into new genres by adding APB Reloaded, Elsword, and Stronghold Kingdoms to the offerings made to players. While I can certainly appreciate a company adding diverse options for their players, I’m not really sure what the end game is here for Perfect World Entertainment.

Yes, it’s nice to have single sign on access to a plethora of free to play content, but don’t most gamers already have that with Steam? And don’t developers reach a MUCH broader audience with Steam as well? What do you think of Arc expanding at the rate of 5 games added in the last 4 months?


  1. Just two comments:

    – First of all, you CAN’T trade regular credits for gold in Star Conflict. It is the opposite (and frankly, the exchange rate is so bad it is useless)

    – Second: It is not pay to win. premium ships have bonus to income and have free repairs. But their performance is the same or even worse than the credit standard ships.

    And anyway, the game is free, try it for a while if you like arcade shooters in space.

  2. potayto potahto, never touch PEW’s p2w / p2enjoy anything at all bs

    now star conflict has even more reason to be avoided

  3. Let me clear up the comment section since reading and comprehension is obviously a failed subject in their education system:
    1) PWI is not PWE. PWI is a game (a good one too). PWE is a company (a shady one). PWI has pay to advance and never be end game, so you create mid and f2P communities. It forces you to think outside the box. SInce majority players are “gimmie now” derp-skins, they think it is 100% P2W.
    PWE is a company. They have several partners and purchase out other companies like the one that runs Star Trek. Gaijin snail in Russia owns War Thunder and this game. You can see thes published tactics in games like Age of conan online and other titles that CROSS PUBLISH their games (conan being under Aeria now).

    2) Star Conflict is amazing game! More tactic and class focused than a turd chute like most shooters § mobas. I enjoy it a lot and although you can pay to get special ships early on, you can play to get tehm as well. There is a currency button to exchange in gold for the cash gold. AND PLAYERS DO NOT SET THE PRICE, so the game is balanced. I can buy whatever I want in the cash shop right now for free. THe hardest part of this game is SKILL. And knowing your tier. Tier 4+ the game is INSANE! If you do not work as a team, STAY IN TIER 1 and 2. Otherwise you will hate life and yes, that is SKILL 2 WIN.
    ARC is an option. I play the game using the website client, NOT STEAM. So stop crying.

    • Also, the game added PvE elements to make you earn LOTS Of cash (but it is hard and tier 4+ ships are the best for the job).
      They have open galaxy to so you can undock and fly around neutral pirate zones or go into enemy territory to troll other factions.
      They added a new patch (season/content) to build goliath like ships and alien invasions etc.
      The crafting system is how you get most upgrades so “P2W” does not exist since the cash shop can’t farm goods for you
      “How long does it take to get tier ships?”
      In one week I have over 150 000 credits of casual play. I can purchase outright a “cash ship” up to tier 4 by echanging in game gold…but I do not want to. I want to economize and play tier 1 and 2 a lot. I am currently modifying tot he max my tier 2 gunner ship.
      Once I get my skills down I can start purchasing other ships and slowly building them. So I play on my prefered tier 2, earn the cash as I keep the tier 4 in teh garage and build it up. Then one day I will fly her in a whole new experience… All that in about 1 to 2 months CASUAL play. You can probably do it in a week. It can bas as grindy or less than Warframe…Although this grind has so much you can do (free space it, or pvp, and you gain if you lose matches) So it is very generous. I recomend you at least try it. It hits you hard in one place: SKILL. Please master flight and tactics in levels 1-3, other wise you will cry later and blame P2W because you suck.

    • yes we know homo, PWE PWI who fkin cares the company is shit… please continue playing all of you, keep your dumb fkin asses out of good games… THX <3

    • The game is pay2win crap since the day one and everyone knows it, keep writing fairy tales. Whoever spent at least few hours in it knows it’s a total pay2win.

    • Name the cheat and you win a cookie. You died because you were not ready for a space sim shooter and you cried cheat. One of the most balanced non hacked games I have played ina LONG time. Kills feel great. Deaths feel great. The score is balanced (LEader has like 6 kills 4 deaths. RARE will you ever see 10/0 kill ratios (I never have seen it, for me, it does not exist, but anything is possible). Most balanced arean / shooter. Oh the cry here is epic! Hello Kitty is just a small install if you want a good game for you.

    • PWI is a game. And you must have had a GF that I stole from you in game because I had +10 armor while you scrubbed it like a nab.

      • lol f@g daddy, its a company too stupid shyt, and you must be a cum dumpster to play any of their games…. hope you survive the AIDS your mom gave you at birth =(((( lol stealing woman in video games hahahah what a fkin queen of queers HAHAHAHA

        • Yup. That nonesense rage = burrrnnn. Jealous My instagram seduces more girls than your entire life. Its easy. Find cute girl name. Chat, flirt, beat a mob for her you are too noob to do. Verify shes a chick skype. Flex. Your girl and I meet up, have lunch. Play. Make love, then you see us waving at you on twitch/skype in the glow of screen in dark room. Yuuuppp. Ive gone international boi. U got nuthin.

      • who said anything about ‘needing’? you should at least understand a comment before you start calling people names.

        pot, meet kettle.

        • Then why u crying “ooohhh arc and steam gaaawaaa”. If it came out on gamefly, xbox and ps4 it changes nothing. You f4&gz are mad those pwi kids gonne pwn u because your still stuck on lvl 35 in wow.

        • you never played. WoT you can’t get into upper tier tanks unless mass farm and huge cash out let. WoT has cash only ammo and better tanks. WoT YOU CAN NOT TRANSFER ING AME GOLD FOR CASH GOLD.
          In This game, you can get anything in the “cash shop” if you play casually. People pay for a second account. IF you are noob, you are an idiot if you pay for a TIER 6 ship for example…You will die no matter how much cash you put in it if you have no skill. Veterans that know EXACTLY what build and how to play will usually cash out for a rank they already have instead of REPLAYING tier 1 – 4 (or they just use in game gold they farmed).


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