When Star Trek Online‘s Awakening update arrives on the 10th, it will introduce a new kind of event that takes advantage of the new UI overhaul. This “centralized” event is designed to pull together different parts of the new content and allow them to engage with J’Ula’s storyline in a new way.

Like most events, this one will reward players who participate — with a new Tier-6 Elachi Starship. The ship will be available globally across the player’s account.

When the event launches, players will be able to find all the details on it by opening their journal. From there they can quickly access all the content associated with the event. This includes the new episode, new TFO, and several patrols. Completing each of these will earn players a specific amount of progress toward their reward. A total of 1200 progress is needed to obtain the T6 ship. Of course, if you can’t acquire quite that many, there will be other rewards.


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