One of the most impressive things to come out of World War 1 and 2 was the great navy’s of each country. Yet these fleets rarely saw combat against enemy fleet’s of equal size and power. Instead they were usually relegated to bombarding enemy installations on the side of mountains and protecting convoy routes. With the announcement of Navy Field 2’s open beta launch, players will be transported back in time in order to relieve the navy’s glory days and take control of the immense firepower they had at their disposal.

Naturally, because we are all gamers this often results in large swaths of burning wreckage strewn across the game’s 64 player maps. Our carelessness in regards to the live’s of the NPCs which pilot our ships is a stark contrast to how the navy actually operates, but this is a game about sinking ships not idle diplomacy and strategic bombardment! Still the game does have a strategic element to it that doesn’t involve just throwing hordes of ships at each other all at once. According to Kent Jeong, Director at SD EnterNet, the development studio behind Navy Field 2 “the game offers a balanced Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanic whereby each vessel has unique strengths and weaknesses”.

Players will be able to take their game of Battleship to the next level starting on April 18th, when Nexon launches the open beta for Navy Field 2. The open beta is set to feature many famous mission locales including Dover, Midway and the Solomon-Isles all of which will use historically accurate fleets to capture the atmosphere of the time. Players can also expect two game modes at launch including a traditional Deathmatch whereby points are scored for each destroyed ship, and ‘Base Occupation’ where players must occupy the enemy’s base for a certain time period.

Full steam ahead!

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. been playingNF for a couple years, wayyyyyy back when L2 and SY were the unsinkables. i was excited about hearing this. i really wanna try it out

  2. It’s an interesting topic which reminds me of Age of Wushu. The game has no level no career, but it has great graphics and fighting styles.

  3. I love games like this finnally my eyes see somethink completly different most of them are versions of call of duty and minecraft

  4. The Game is real bad, the grafic is more a joke than a real 3D Engine, and everyone who have played Navyfield will hate it, you cant equip equal weapons, all upgrades for the ships have a limited time, and you lvl 1 bo and 1 ship crew and they work on all ships, nothing with special crew for repaid fire or a special aiming crew for the german, and the game is more like a ipad dimple ships. The game is a click orgie for you dont need a skill, only a good mouse, he must handle some realy many klicks. That game is in this form only a big trash with some loveless design and a real bad copy from navyfield.

  5. Frankly, its pretty bad.. its NF1.5 … nothing amazing.. you would think with all of the money they made off of the original and how long they had to make this sequel, it would be a lot better.. but unfortunately, you would be wrong.

    I might give it another shot when manual aiming comes back…but meh..

    • At least it’s 3D now. I haven’t played it yet, but it doesn.t look bad. I think fans of NF1 are going to like it.

      And if not, there are World of Battleships and player-controlled ships in War Thunder coming relatively soon.

  6. Ignore the dumb@$$ that mounted this game is pretty fun I’ve already played it and you should try it yourself and make your own decision about it.


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